Fall Back

Last Sunday in the early hours of the morning, the clocks went back, and with it came an extra hour in bed,  the usual Monday morning panic made only worse by clocks declaring different times, but, most importantly, over at Domestic Science we know this change cues the start of colder, cosier times ahead.

Cosy, by its very definition means ‘a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation’, and that’s very much what we aim to provide. We’ve been busy sourcing new stock for this time of the year and have a multitude of new products in our stores.


We couldn’t resist McAlson’s wonderful boxer shorts endowed with an inner soft cotton jersey pocket to provide ‘the ultimate in male comfort’.


Honing from Belgium, this small family run company has been going since 1997,  to fulfil a need for ‘impeccably fitting yet elegant boxer shorts’. All fabrics sourced from Italy and Portugal and manufactured in Europe they are high in quality and come in an array of eccentric and cool designs.


Amazing as presents or just a treat for yourself these boxer are sure to keep you cosy and comfortable this winter.

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